We love, protect and perpetuate what we know!

5 pillars support the CAMI project ... Two associations, one foundation and two endowment funds.

The choice of structure responds to the requirements of French law, which embodies activities with a non- profit making goal.

An Association 1901 Law*

The association has the aim of promoting and respecting the ethics of the CAMI project.

It will preserve the identity of the school throughout its life.

The alliance of intelligences coming from the cultural variations of the Mediterranean, allows the school to mould the future elite around common values. Therefore this generation will make the Mediterranean not just a pool of exaggerated passions, but a land which draws people in.

Knowledge of Mediterranean cultures, allied with sporting values, is the way in which to instil respect for others and an acceptance of diversity.

At an administrative level this association supervises the recruitment of teachers and the training provided.

The CAMI SCHOOL Association: Management of the School

The management of the C.A.M.I. School Association will be governed by the 1901 Law, of which the parents of the pupils will be members by right, while registered at the school.

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